Honeymoon in Italy

Where to go on your honeymoon? Today an increasing number of people choose to travel abroad as the way to spend their holiday. Due to such demand the number of destinations for tourism has increased as well. Especially popular is tourism to European countries. About 10 years ago traveling around the world considered to be very wasteful. Today traveling to Europe has become almost a tradition. European countries are amazingly beautiful and differ greatly from each other.

Honeymoon in Italyphoto by Andrea Cittadini

One wants to see everything at once. But of course it is impossible to see all the countries in 7-10 days. But this time would be quite enough to travel across one single country.

Separate type of tourism is the wedding tourism. It is rated primarily for honeymooners. Romantic journey is a great way to fill your life and relationship with your loved one with bright vivid emotions. Admit that it is much nicer to start your family life such way and not with boring routine and gray weekdays.

In order the entry into married life to become a memorable holiday, many enamored often choose honeymoons in Italy - romantic homeland of Romeo and Juliet. There are magnificent beach resorts and towns with unforgettable picturesque landmarks. Sunny Apennine Peninsula is willing to share the joy with everyone.

The whole Italy is one continuous museum under the open blue sky. More than a half of Cultural Property in Western Europe is concentrated here. But this country doesn't only consist of historical sights. It is also famous for the world's most delicious Italian pizza, azure sea, golden sandy beaches and gentle sun. Picturesque landscapes make Italy the best place for traveling with your loved one. Honeymoon in Italy will bring you both physical and spiritual satisfaction.

In addition, Italy has world-class ski resorts. If you and your beloved one are fans of active leisure, in the Italian Alps you can both try to ski for the first time or improve your skills. Popular types of accommodation in the ski resorts are chalets and apartments.

Newlyweds who choose to spend their honeymoon in July, can not fail to visit a memorable romantic spectacle - Verona in love. In this hottest month it is better to refrain from long walks. But you will have a great opportunity to get to the opening of the European opera season.

Italy HoneymoonHoneymoon in Italy

If your travel budget is important for you, you can choose a vacation during the off-season. The best of the off-season months in Italy is certainly April. There is already enough sun for long walks in Italy in April and relatively good weather. Together with not very high prices it gives you many opportunities to visit exhibitions, concerts, indoor amusement parks, excursions. Great Italian cuisine will please the tired tourists in cafes and restaurants. Also in April in Italy begin their work thermal spas on the island of Ischia. You will have a great opportunity to improve your health.

Already in May Italy will please fans of travel and tourism with significant warming. The whole country is blossoming with bright colors of blooming tulips and filled with magical floral aromas. Warm sand on the beach, nice water for swimming, soft breeze and lack of heat wave attract fans of the beach rest. The absence of the sweltering summer heat disposes to an exciting sightseeing trip. And there are lots of things worth seeing. Each city has its own history, demonstrating its unique beauty. The most popular among tourists are: Rome, Milan, to which the majority certainly goes for cheap shopping, Florence and all enamored necessarily aspire to visit the beautiful Venice.

Italy Honeymoon

Important detail of your best honeymoon trip is also the choice of hotel. It is better for romantics to choose a small hotel with high service and hospitality. The hotel with a large number of comfortable bungalows which are freely located on the huge territory can become a good alternative. You should also pay attention to the special programs for those who have a honeymoon. Due to them you will be able to get discounts, benefits and gifts, for example, flowers, fruits and champagne or breakfast to your room, or even a romantic dinner. We will be happy to help you to book hotels in Italy at the best prices.

By choosing a holiday in Italy you will turn your honeymoon into an unforgettable romantic adventure. Regardless of your choice, we wish you a pleasant stay!