Honeymoons in Italy 2016

Honeymoon is a very important event in the life of newlyweds which helps them become closer to each other and start a new life with bright moments spent together. When planning a honeymoon many couples are lost in a variety of places. Someone wants to get to the paradise islands, some on popular resorts, and others in romantic cities.

One of the most romantic and fabulous countries is Italy. Italy is a country of lovers and for lovers where you can enjoy beautiful scenery, magnificent medieval castles, charming lakes, crystal-clear seas, picturesque islands and have romantic walks around the cities.
The top destination for Italy honeymoon 2016 are:

  • Venice which has become a Mecca for lovers;
  • Sicily which offers comfortable and peaceful rest;
  • Verona which was glorified in the immortal William Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet";
  • Rimini which seems to have been created for the perfect honeymoon.

Honeymoon in Italy 2016 will never seem boring to you. In the morning you and your beloved can enjoy sunbathing on a beach along with the warm Italian sun and azure sea. In the afternoon you can have lunch at any cozy outdoor cafe, tasting fine Italian cuisine. And in the evening you can go to explore the most romantic places of the cities to experience their unique atmosphere. In addition to traditional sightseeings Italy offers a large selection of entertainment for every taste that may include joint participation in sports such as diving or skiing, visiting stirring cooking, trendy or traditional festivals, having cooking classes or just shopping in trendy boutiques and much more.

However, many newlyweds who decide to spend their honeymoon in Italy prefer leisurely walks along the ancient streets, admiring the majestic historic monuments and acquaintance with hospitable and friendly Italians. And it doesn't matter how you will spend your Italy honeymoon 2016: moving from town to town to discover the culture and traditions of the country; lying on the beach, enjoying the beautiful weather and stunning views; visiting the most romantic places that will give you a special mood and add some charm to your honeymoon; in any case this adventure will be filled with positive emotions and bright impressions.

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