About us

Why honeymoons? Honeymoon is a special time for newly formed families in love. We know what wedding is and how exhausting preparations for the big day may be. But despite all the magic of this moment we realize how much time and efforts it may take. That is why we are happy to take full responsibility for the organization of honeymoons.

Why only Italy honeymoons? Because it is much better to know one country from A to Z than to know a little about all of them. To provide our honeymooners with qualitative offers we need to know all the advantages and disadvantages of the exact places. We improve our knowledge about these places all the time by visiting them ourselves. Thanks to this we can afford to advise you specific cities, attractions, hotels, food, etc.

Why Italy? Because Italy is synonymous with love, romance and passion. Even the most famous romantic story of Romeo and Juliet story took place here. Each year more and more couples choose Italy as their honeymoon destination. You definitely have to visit it yourself to understand why!

Why choose us? We are a team of professionals specializing exactly in organizing honeymoons. We always try to add something special to each of our handcrafted honeymoon packages to make them differ from other offers on the market. We have a friendly team of enthusiasts, who love what they do, who put their soul into each package so that our clients are left completely satisfied with our impeccable service.