Lake Como honeymoon

Honeymoon and Italian lakes is a classic and at the same time perfect scenario for lovers. Choose Italian lakes for your honeymoon only due to some of the most romantic scenes from "Star Wars" and "Casino Royale". Start with Lake Como - the place where dolce vita reaches its height.

A honeymoon in one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Italy - Lake Como - can be briefly described in two epithets: aristocratic and elegant. Lake Como is the deepest (up to 410 meters deep) and the most beautiful lake in Italy. Here you can enjoy the beauty of pure water with rare boats and yachts, coastline, along which are scattered ancient towns with flowering pomegranate and olive groves. Those who appreciate the beauty of nature will not leave indifferent after a honeymoon spent at Lake Como in Italy. Around the lake, there grow rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, lemon trees and date palms. Thanks to the Alps, protecting the lake from the north winds, it has mild and equable climate year-round. The blessed area is quite reachable: just a couple of hours drive from Milan's boutiques replaced by the Alps that surround Como on all sides. On Lake Como your honeymoon can be a really sweet one - a perfect place for love confessions.

Honeymoon on Lake Como is a choice for romantics and lovers of sophistication. It will definitely become not only a memorable event, but a truly symbolic beginning of your journey together. There is so much power and beauty on Como that everyone touching the magic and atmosphere of this landscape tends to come back again and again. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the beauty of Lake Como. If you want to feel the charm of one of the most beautiful scenery in Europe then spend a royal honeymoon on Lake Como.

On Lake Como you can spend an unforgettable honeymoon provided with fabulous experience! Spend the most wonderful days on Como, you will not regret it and a good memory of those moments will stay with you for life. Lake Como is like an incredible picture for decoration of historical films with literally every corner immersed in true romance.