Honeymoon in Rome

Are you planning a honeymoon but didn't decide where to spend this sweet and carefree time yet? We suggest you to consider the option of a trip to Rome.

Why Rome?

With its fascinating architecture and monuments of art everywhere, with majestic scenery and centuries-old culture, with its cozy cafes which offer delicious mouthwatering dishes you have to try, Rome is a real feast for your senses. This city is nirvana for fans of history and art and even if you were never fond of these things - it won't leave you indifferent. Stay in Rome is not some boring excursion to the museum, but a really bright adventure the main characters of which will be you, your soulmate and, of course, the Eternal city.

In addition, there are not less romantic places like churches and ancient ruins in Rome. Think about centuries-old historic squares where you will be able to be alone with your beloved in the sunset hours, ice-cream parlors, offering tables for two, the Spanish steps, on one of which Gregory Peck made a proposal to Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday"... All this means that Rome is a truly magical place for a honeymoon, a city that inspires passion for life, a city that cannot help raising the newlyweds' craving for each other.

What to do in Rome?

First of all, go sightseeing: Rome is rich with art and architectural treasures, especially those that remained since the Renaissance and Classicism. Second, Rome is a great place for shopping: in the vicinity of Spanish Steps you will find many trendy boutiques which can not fail to be appreciated. Third, don't miss the opportunity to appreciate Italian cuisine. Honeymoon in Rome is a really bright and unforgettable romantic adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. You will be able to feel the atmosphere of the Eternal City, it is easy to find a company if you want to have fun and relax on an extraordinary party or, of course, just enjoy the company of each other. As the saying goes: "All roads lead to Rome", so go for it!