Sicily honeymoon

Honeymoon for newlyweds is a special journey, one of the most memorable events in your life. Ideal travel formula for lovers, honeymooners and romantic natures is to spend honeymoon in Sicily. Sicily is the destination for those who want to touch the "real" Italy, admiring this long-awaited tale filled with aromas of oranges and divine unearthly beauty of nature.

Honeymoon in Sicily will surely become a destination you will tell your children and grandchildren about. When taking a trip to this divine place one becomes the creator of beautiful feelings of delight and admiration. The rich Sicilian culture and crystal clear waters create a magical atmosphere that is ready to accept not only tourists but also lovers. Honeymoon in Sicily is a real feast for your feelings and pure pleasure!

Sicily is the most romantic destination which seems to be created for couples dreaming to enjoy the happiest moments of their life together. So dream and make all your dreams come true in Sicily! Delicious Sicilian food and excellent local wines are all the same miraculous as local beautiful nature and historical sights. Sicily is the perfect place for couples who love to be surrounded by historic architecture. Ancient Greek temples and Norman cathedrals, mystique of Arab architecture and abundance of Sicilian Baroque, shabby, but at the same time elegant atmosphere of the old villages, endless landscapes, majestic spectacles...

Spend sunny Sicilian days walking hand in hand with your loved one through the narrow streets of the old town or lounging on the warm sand. Enjoy Sicilian evenings accompanied by Sicilian culinary art and wine. This is the romance and the best recipe for a happy honeymoon. The beauty of Sicily cannot be compared with anything. Sicily will leave a lasting impression in your loving hearts. If you dream of a fairytale honeymoon in a place where beach holiday and the emerald sea can be combined with interesting excursions and mouthwatering photo sessions, then Sicily is the perfect choice for you.