Sorrento honeymoon

Just imagine the first morning you wake up as husband and wife. All the pleasant bustle and excitements are left behind, but... you will find the most interesting, the sweetest part waiting for both of you - your unforgettable honeymoon. You have an amazing opportunity to make your honeymoon a truly exclusive one - spend it in the southern Italy - Sorrento!

Hospitality and relaxed atmosphere is a distinctive feature of Sorrento. No hurry, no fuss, and all that is necessary to do - relax, laze in the sun and enjoy life. Sorrento is a romantic place where the flavors, colors and tastes delight all your senses, where rich culture combines with the delightful nature. A quiet town with blooming gardens and panoramic terraces - Sorrento's houses are hidden behind the branches, while shrubs cover the stonework around the old villas surrounded by groves of olives, lemon and orange trees. This is the real "secret place" for real romantics.

Sorrento is undoubtedly one of the most romantic towns in Italy. What else do those newlyweds need except romance? The town is conveniently located on a small plateau leading to the crystal blue sea. It is literally "beyond the sea", like a balcony from where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

Sorrento is an Italian paradise for two. Here you can enjoy each other's company and spend an unforgettable honeymoon away from all the problems, stress, work and monotonous scenery outside the window. Fabulous charm, incredible panorama of the sea, unique landscapes, gourmet cuisine and mouthwatering local rhythm of life - all this natural charm makes Sorrento an amazing and extremely popular holiday destination among honeymooners. Experience the full palette of happiness for two of you here, in Sorrento!