Franco Milani / Franco Milani photographer

Franco Milani, photographer of Milan, has to his credit a long series of experiences maturate in over 20 years of wedding photography. He did his work a passion. His narrative style aims to tell through pictures, a lived situation, without interfering in the shot reality.

Francesco Gravina / Fotogravina

My strong and unfading belief has always been that photography is not only a matter of pointing and shooting but it is a thought inspired by the hearth. A nice shot is not only the result of a perfect technique, but the photo should be able to capture the emotions of a unique moment, telling a story for future times too.

Riccardo Bestetti / Studio Fotografico Bestetti

Riccardo Bestetti especially, he takes pictures at weddings where, thanks to a refined journalistic style with a strong emotive impact, he gives life to unconventional shots to highlight beauty and quality.

Danny Woodstock/Woodstock Photography

I try not to take life or myself to seriously so if you're looking for a wedding photographer who is very relaxed, laid back & fun to be around then i'm your guy. Here at Woodstock Photography we are gaining a reputation for offering something slightly different than your everyday wedding photo's.

Matteo Cuzzola Photography

I am a vastly experienced and professional Italian photographer, who is also most fortunate to be an international wedding photographer based in Milan, near the stunning Lakeside area of Como. I am proud and honoured to gain immense satisfaction in immortalising the emotional intensity of weddings.

Julian Kanz Photography

My goal is to make you enjoy your photography-experience with relaxed portraits and a lot of fun. You'll love your beautiful pictures and I'm sure your friends will be a little jealous.

Duccio Argentini

Duccio Argentini, professional wedding photographer based in tuscany, Italy. He speak english and he works with contemporary style, the perfect compromise between reportage style and traditional style. He's specialized in honeymoom and engament services, too. Available to travel in Italy and abroad.

Adriano Mazzocchetti Photography

I love Fine Art, the magic inside film, the way it can catch and give the light back. I'm storyteller who shoots everything around in a spontaneous and natural way, in order not to lose that instant to document a story.

Domenico Costabile Photographer

Professional wedding photographer for weddings in Italy and worldwide. My unobtrusive, photojournalistic style with natural light tells the unique "passionate" story of love and inner beauty of two lives brought together in love.

Igor Bellini - Photo Art

I think people call me because they want to remember their most emotional moments, their memories more intense, so my presence must be discreet but sensitive to capture every moment, every look, every expression that deserves to be remembered in time.

Yvonne Zemke - wedding photography

Pictures to persist for decades are precious and rare. Capturing those moments is the heart´s desire of a photographer – most of all of a wedding photographer. The most beautiful compliments come frome my bridal couples that I joined their wedding day.

Fabio Mirulla Photographer

Since I was young I began to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes that surround me, so loved all over the world, so when in 2005 I started working as a wedding photographer, I‘ve tried to realize services in which the beauty of the places would exalt and make unique, thanks to the play of lights, your special day.

Roberto Panciatici Photography

Exclusive Italian wedding photographer based in Tuscany. I specialize in portrait and contemporary wedding photography. I came to photography by "chance", like so many wonderful things that "just happen". My passion for photography has led me to study it, and as I come to explore it more deeply I've also discovered myself.

Fine Art Wedding

Fine Art Wedding is a creative philosophy expressing itself in pictures that will never age, as they shun conventions and seize feelings at their most vivid.

Pino Coduti photography

Pino Coduti is a Master QEP professional photographer, specializing in photojournalism-style wedding & artistic portrait, with his experience, enthusiasm, and grace, Pino has transformed the dreams of his clients in his passion. The result is a very high level of satisfaction.

Kirill Brusilovsky Photodesign

Kirill is an experienced, award-winning photographer from Germany, offering destination photography all over the world, including full day wedding coverage, pre-wedding/after-wedding portraiture and beautifully handcrafted wedding albums.

Emanuele Carpenzano

Emanuele is a sensitive interpreter of wedding photography. He engages himself with the couples by understanding their emotional investment and with his artistry helps create one of the best days of their lives.

Mauro Prevete / MAURONSTER

Like a modern storyteller I like to immortalize the passion and the unique emotions that rise in my couples. My passion is to tell their love stories.

Creative Wedding Photographer Cristi Sebastian

The photo has no limits and boundaries. It has angles, colors,and passion. The color of emotion is made from: smiles, tears, hair in the wind, hands that speak ... in search of elements that make the difference, Cristi is attentive to customer needs.

Riccardo Cigno Wedding Photography

Riccardo Cigno is an awarded Wedding Photographer based in Italy, specialized in creative Photojournalism, Editorial & Fine Art Photography. He is available for your Honeymoon/Engagement in the most beautiful places of Italy & worldwide.

Giovanni Del Bgno

G&E PRODUCTION Photographers is a photography studio based in Bologna, but works in Italy and abroad. Giovanni Del Bagno is a wedding photographer specialized in reportage with a creative approach.His elegant style and his continuing passion for photography led him to continually update.

My Wedding Emotion

Jacques specializes in wedding and happy couple, his approach is a blend of natural and fine art photography and the experience of shooting is consider as a very important moment which stay as a good memory.


We always attempt to capture the story, not the subject. We study trends in wedding photography from the bravest ones... and in the end... we are going to make the best photo in the world.


WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER VENICE ITALY | ITALIAN WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER specializing in Creative Fine Art Wedding Photography available for Destination Weddings and Honeymoon.

Giancarlo Malandra Wedding Reporter

Narrating through my photographs your wedding, the emotions, the joy and the love of such an important day, it's what I like to call "the emotional reportage". I'm based in Central Italy but i'm ready go anywhere there is love!

Daniele Torella Photography

I'm a modern and creative Italian wedding photographer. My shots are often characterized by an unexpected viewpoint, natural light, and modern and creative postproduction work.

Alice Franchi / Alice Franchi photography

Our style "Reportage", allows you to capture every second of your most memorable moments and exciting, without poses, without feeling observed, and your eyes become invisible to tell in the most "true to your emotions".

Moumou Photography

We are a couple in job and in life, Chiara and Giuseppe, with a different sight on the same moment. We are in love with the love story , and so we love to take pictures not only during the wedding day but also before, for the engagement, and after, for the honeymoon.

Samo Rovan, Exclusive Wedding Photographer

The inspiration to tell your story comes from the connection between us. My images are deeply embedded with sincere emotions. They are made to evoke the strongest feelings about life. If you are passionate about love and life as much as I am, then let's connect...

Melinda Temesi & Graziano Guerini / GRAZMEL PHOTOGRAPHY

Our main goal is to catch the real emotions and the beauty of real moments. Photography is more than a job to us, it's a passion, and we believe we show that through our pictures.

Andrea Di Giampasquale Photographer

My work philosophy is based on three key concepts: emotion, passion, reality. I have a documentary approach to photography. My aim is to portray your naturalness and spontaneity, trying to absorbe and write the emotions through photography


As award-winning photographers, we pride ourseleves not only on on the respect and acknowledgement gained through our professionalism in the business, but equally on the magnificent results our couples have experienced, living on forever.

Gianfranco Catullo / Gianfranco Catullo Photography

Gianfranco Catullo is a creative documentary wedding photographer. Based in Rome, he photographs weddings all over Italy capturing moments, relationships, perceiving emotions and real situations. In a few words: telling a story.

Zvonimir Kusec - One Day Studio

One Day Studio is award-winning international wedding photography studio with highly qualified team of professionals based in Croatia, trained to cover anything concerning the best moments of your life captured on film or picture.

Framelines Wedding Photographers

Framelines is a strong passion for photography, Framelines is wedding, Framelines is travel, Framelines is a group of photographers based in Rome but working worldwide! We love to be part of your wedding day catching your natural emotion and expression. Thanks to our images your memories will be always alive.

Andrea Cittadini Photography

Andrea is one of the most talented and young italian wedding photographer. If you like emotional photography you'll fall in love with his photos. He loves to travel so any zone of Italy you'll choose Andrea can be there with you to immortalare unique and exciting moments.

Matteo Fantolini

To be there to give you the chance to see your wedding from a different point of view. A perfect mix of spontaneous moments and signatures shots

Francesco Manganelli

Reportage is my style: it means high care not to interfere in the progress of events,but most of all it means capturing spontaneous looks, smiles, details, without taking the bride and groom away for hours of forced and boring posing sessions.

Azienda Wedinpro94 di Dino Zanolin

The Wedinpro94 studio for twenty years offers photo and video services in wherever our presence is needed, in the fields of events and weddings in Italy. They are professional and courteous, and always in constant search for everything in life that excites, leaves you speechless but still makes you richer.

Giovanni Vanoglio Wedding Photography

I'm a storyteller and with photography I tell touching moments and the small gestures that no one has seen but that tomorrow they will be the memories of your wedding: I'll tell your story with simplicity and elegance, feeling with you all the emotions, the smiles and all the atmosphere of the day.


My photographic style is reportage, i love therefore to seize the most spontaneous and emotional moments of the event. Every moment of the wedding day needs to be lived in the most spontaneous way. Elegance and emotion are the words to describe my work.

Danilo Maraschi | dm4wedding

When I think about photography I see sea waves , I see breadcrumbs, I see sun rays through the branches, I smell coffee, I see shaken hands... I see tears and smiles on the bed in the morning , I run barefoot on the grass, I hear screams of joy, I see flowers in a vase on a sill. This is what photography is.

Gabriele Basilico

Young, Fresh and Dynamic... these are without doubt the adjectives that best describe the photographic style of Basilico. His watchful eye and the dynamism of its reportage, will describe the best of the emotions and joys of your great day.

Serena Cevenini

I'm a creative wedding and portrait photographer: I look for photojournalistic moments, but also put every effort in creating artistic portraits with a keen eye for gorgeous light and a unique post production. My aim is to work with creative and passionate people and giving them the best experience.


The words of love lead to time's house.I love the words made of silences, of moving greetings.Words don't finish in the evening…They live. Photography doesn't finish; it tells, it lives!

Qualcosa di Blu

Qualcosa di Blu photo studio are creative and exclusive wedding photographers based in Tuscany. With spontaneous and candid style, Enrico & Sheila will be able to capture all the most important moments of your wedding.

Maurizio Cimino / Maurizio Cimino Wedding Photographer

I am freelance photographer and I love wedding photojournalism. I work especially in Liguria, Piedmont, Marche but also in all Italy. I have the pleasure to invite you to see my personal website so you can see some of my work.

Andrea Fusaro

I'm Andrea and I'm based In Veneto, Italy. I am a professional photographer with qualification QIP in wedding, and I'm the winner of "Wedding Of The Year 2013" by ANFM. I offer a photojournalism style for your Honeymoon in Venice, always with a smile, for a truly unique and elegant result!

Vinicius Matos

Vinicius Matos is a Brazil based photographer with awards in diferent instituitions from all over the world. He has pictures awarded by ISPWP and WPJA, named in the top 50 of the world by Junebug Weddings and one of the 30 rising stars in the wedding photography by Ragefinder Magazine.

Ordine della Giarrettiera Photography

We're based in Milan but ready to travel to any destination, to catch you up anywhere you are! We work as a team creating cinematographic and documentary images, with two different yet harmonic points of view. We also work for Lovers and Engagement Sessions, events and any of your caprice!


I am a Woman Wedding photographer, I am very curious and direct, I love observing the world and I love astonishment!I love smiling, I love to feel free and I love true love. I know that my style might not be for everyone but if YOU feel comfortable with my style I will be proud to be your storyteller!

Ivan Luminaria / LN-Photography Studio

Ivan has a naturally beautiful photography style blended with elements of Traditional, Photojournalism and Fine Art Portraiture. His candid and fun approach promise an inspiring yet relaxed photo session that captures the emotions and fun working unobtrusively using the available light.